Generous Human Beings

BIG thanks to:

*Christine Hale for donating her amazing time & talent to design our poster for the April 15th event
*Shawn Lyons for donating use of Rabbithole Studio to us for the evening

The following folks for donating to our SILENT AUCTION:

*Power 105.1
*103.5 KTU
*106.7 Lite FM
*Monique Erickson, Erickson Beamon
*Siobhan Towey, LMT
*Andrea Bertola, The New York Website Designer
*Unleash Brooklyn
*Kelcy Kimmerer, Artist
*James Wendell, Photographer
*Alexandrea Romero, Hair Stylist
*Kate Hill Cantrill, Botanical Wall Arrangements
*Heather DeHart, Artist
*Al Lopez, Artist

The following folks for donation of RAFFLE prizes:

*Unleash Brooklyn
*Animal Haven
*Aubergine Cafe
*Marilu Villanueva, Malula Jewelry Design
*Lisanne Pessini
*Lara Arbach
*Jenny Schutz
*Lauren Gerrish
*Carol and George Gerrish
*Marie Ciorciari
*Jacquee Novak

Wine and beer graciously donated by:

*Lauren Gerrish
*Amanda Karman-Puliafico
*Brooke Williams
*Stephanie Leonardi Beatty

Music provided by:

*Beyond the Music DJ’s – Ryan and Mark (631) 872-6223
*Patrick Harmon, karaoke

Web support:

*Traynor Kirk & Co
*John Thompson


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